General requirements for suppliers to the GPE Group

For maximum quality, efficiency and mutual success – our purchasing strategy is based on the economic requirements we have identified. In this context, it goes without saying that we and our partners focus on the long-term financial benefits for both sides. In this process, our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ increasing technological standards of quality. The GPE Group is committed to collaboration and continuously improving processes in a spirit of partnership in accordance with ISO 9001 in the safety sector, ISO 9001 and VDA 6.1 in the automotive & automation sector and ISO 13485 in the MedTech sector. For this reason, we prefer suppliers whose corporate philosophy is similar to ours. Our success is based on transparency, trust, dependability and the reliability of our products.

A partnership will not be possible with a supplier who does not identify with our quality standards. Long-term partnerships with companies specialised in special drawing parts enable the best possible level of development to be achieved for all components. This allows us to guarantee maximum quality and minimum waste – at optimal prices for our customers and maximum success for the partners involved.