Pinpoint logistics – so that our engineering arrives perfectly.
Pinpoint logistics – so that our engineering arrives perfectly.

We handle the entire supply chain

To ensure that you can fully focus on your core business activities, we can handle numerous supply chain services for you. Our range covers the entire supply chain, from purchasing and packaging to delivery to your customers. For example, we also assume responsibility for managing the suppliers of purchased parts, including smart scheduling, eliminating the need for you to coordinate numerous different suppliers. The GPE Group gladly operates as a full-service supplier.

Customers always appreciate these benefits

· Significantly reduce inventory levels
· Shorten replenishment times
· Minimise quality defects
· Improved process transparency
· Simplified process flows
· Reduced warehouse space requirements
· Cost savings

Customer-specific packaging solutions and logistics

The GPE Group implements the optimal logistical supply chain to our customers worldwide through a wide variety of customer-specific supply chain and logistics models. Select the perfect solution for your projects!

Sales packaging

Customer-specific packaging solutions – from manually packaging small batches to packaging mass-produced products in a fully automated process.

VMI/consignment stock

  • Kanban
  • Forecast-driven flexibility models
  • Just-in-time
  • Ship-to-line
  • Supply chain management

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