A great contribution to painless treatment in periodontal therapy.

A miniature component of 18,7 mm manufactured by micro injection moulding. Channel diameter: 0.4 mm; wall thickness: minimal.

One-of-a-kind development and plastics expertise in the MedTech sector.

Dürr Dental Lunos Perio tip disposable product


Painless dental treatment thanks to ‘Great Performance Engineering’ – the Lunos Perio tip, a delicate and extremely small component, plays a major role in enhancing periodontal treatment.

The task

After GPE had already been brought on board as a trusted advisor during the development of the new MyLunos handpiece system and had overseen and realised its developments and planned product improvements together with the customer and the project team, the next joint project was the launch of the Perio tip as a new consumable. The customer was looking for advice on an optimum production concept and the ideal technological solution using plastic injection moulding. The focus was on a component design optimised for injection moulded plastic, taking into account technical requirements and specifications, including mould concepts.

The challenges

Micro injection moulding was required for this miniature component. The diameter of the channels was 0.4 mm, with minimal wall thickness. The customer required GPE’s expertise in plastics processing, specifically high-precision fine tool manufacturing and a selection of plastic materials according to MedTech criteria such as biocompatibility, medical-grade quality and laser batch coding. The depth mark on the component was to be realised via lasering after production, and the project also included a packaging and sterilisation concept.

The solution

GPE carried out development of the item optimised for injection moulded plastic. Prototypes were developed and a sophisticated and high-precision fine injection moulding tool was designed. The result is a disposable product solution with a single-use connector that is automatically destroyed after use when the Perio tip nozzle is removed from the Lunos handpiece. GPE also developed and built a device for laser marking the components. All in all, GPE assumed responsibility for reliable mass production, laser marking and subsequent sterilisation and packaging of the articles, including sales packaging and multilingual leaflets and labels.

The added value

Together with the customer, GPE developed and defined carefully engineered, stable manufacturing processes. GPE handles the entire process of managing the suppliers of purchased parts and external finishing steps, including smart scheduling. Dürr Dental receives sterilised, blister-packed products in 40-unit packs with its own branding – in other words, a product ready for use by the end customer.

The application

In periodontal therapy, dental care and tooth preservation using supragingival or subgingival methods, the Lunos Perio tips help to ensure that treatment is painless for patients. The patient benefits from the Vector® principle, a procedure patented by the customer in which the ultrasound energy is accurately deflected in a linear direction (oscillation deflection).

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