Plastic injection moulding – maximum precision for the MedTech industry
Plastic injection moulding – maximum precision for the MedTech industry

Plastic injection moulding and silicone injection moulding are engineering processes that drive projects forward – and save lives.

From the initial idea to the ready-to-use product – the GPE Group blends development and manufacturing expertise to deliver outstanding performance in plastic injection moulding. We bring together the latest knowledge in plastics and silicones as well as sound expertise in plastics and silicone production and finishing – particularly in the service of the medical technology industry. Our more than 139 injection moulding machines precisely and efficiently produce injection-moulded plastic and silicone components. We offer quality ‘made in Germany’.

Our materials expertise in the field of plastics covers a wide range of thermoplastics and elastomers. This ranges from standard thermoplastics for use at normal temperatures (< 80 °C) to high-performance thermoplastics that retain their properties even at extreme temperatures (> 420 °C).

Thanks to our unique expertise in plastic and silicone injection moulding, we are able to formulate materials as required to suit specific applications.

Tool manufacturing is also one of the GPE Group’s core competencies. This includes the production of prototype tools and functional samples for component development and design. In addition, our tool manufacturing department offers a wide range of services in the production, maintenance and repair of injection moulds and tools.

More than just plastic injection moulding for the MedTech sector – from module assembly to logistics

In addition to developing, manufacturing and finishing plastic components, as a system supplier we are, of course, also happy to handle module assembly as well as the packaging and logistics for injection-moulded products for you.

Our ERP system and a graphical control station ensure that production runs smoothly and guarantees that our customer orders are processed reliably and on time.

Injection moulding machines, injection moulding processes, weights and standards –
overview of our services

  • Technologically state-of-the-art plastic and
    silicone injection moulding machines, peripheral equipment (BDE, PDE, QS, drying, conveying and handling systems)
  • Multi-component injection moulding process
  • Hybrid technology
  • Component weights from 0.04 g to 2.800 g
  • Solid and liquid silicone shot weights from 3 g to 210 g
  • Micro injection moulding from 0.04 g to 2.5 g
  • Clean room manufacturing up to class 8 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1

Handling systems

Various automated pick and place linear robots with both moving and fixed X-axes.

Multi-cavity tools

If the component size and material requirements allow, multi-cavity tools with up to 48 mould cavities are used for maximum efficiency.

Conveyor systems

Various conveyor belt systems are used for the rest and cooling stages after injection moulding.


We offer a wide range of surface finishing options for the manufactured plastic and silicone components – from tempering, milling and deburring to bonding, hot and inductive embedding, ultrasonic welding, printing and laser marking.

Our plastic injection moulding services for the medical technology sector – always a few steps ahead

Our performance capabilities in the field of plastic injection moulding, combined with our MedTech competence, are the basis for our excellence in the medical sector. Thanks to our extremely broad, in-depth and always up-to-date knowledge of suitable plastics and medical applications, we can provide our customers with reliable advice.

Companies active in the highly regulated medical sector must always be aware of and adhere to new standards, regulations and specifications. Therefore, knowledge of these requirements and access to medical-grade plastics and silicones can give your plastic injection moulding projects an important edge in FDA approval. The GPE Group observes trends and is always up to date with respect to the latest laws and changes in legislation.

Achieve a competitive edge through our worldwide network of plastics suppliers

Several special types of plastic and silicone, especially for medical technology, are only available from a few suppliers worldwide. This makes rapid access to the required plastic materials all the more important, in addition to expertise in plastic injection moulding. This is where the GPE Group, with its large network in the international raw materials markets, can truly shine, acting as a buyer in its customers’ supply chains and thus quickly implementing even unconventional plastic injection moulding projects for you.

Plastic injection moulding –
a wide range of thermoplastics and elastomers

Injection moulding: thermoplastics and elastomers

High performance plastics, amorphous

High performance plastics, semi-crystalline

Engineering plastics, amorphous

Engineering plastics, semi-crystalline

Standard plastics, amorphous

Standard plastics, semi-crystalline

Injection moulding: silicones

• Solid silicone
• Liquid silicone
• Silicone adhesive