Customised solutions for automation & electrotechnical industry

Our performance in prototype production using plastic as a substitute for metal gives you a head start. X-ray contrast-capable plastics are also used for production. This makes it possible to detect material defects inside the assemblies at the customer’s site without time-consuming disassembly or destruction of the individual components. Furthermore, we manufacture highly demanding injection molded parts and system carriers for the electronics industry, drive technology and automation, where the tightness of the housings against water and dust is important, using the 2-component injection molding process.

Examples from large-scale industry and automation

An extensive production portfolio using different raw materials for a wide range of applications and customers.

In the industrial goods sector, we offer a broad manufacturing portfolio ranging from miniature to large-sized items for a wide range of applications, some of which must meet stringent requirements in terms of mechanical properties, tolerances and design – from simple falling parts to complex subassembly production.

Housing for flow meter water pump

Housing servo motor control